Park Primary School

Park Primary School

Play together,
Work together,
Achieve together.

Our School

Play together, work together, achieve together

Park Primary School is a larger than average sized primary school situated in a residential area east of Doncaster town centre.

The school promotes positive attitudes and responsible behaviour, with an emphasis on providing a secure, welcoming and inclusive environment.

Our school is a very diverse community, which works together harmoniously and welcomes everyone.

There are 335 pupils on roll. In addition we have a 52 place Nursery where children attend either a morning or afternoon session. This enables our pupils to get off to the best possible start with their education.

The school employs 15 full time teachers, 1 Headteacher and 1 Deputy Headteacher, who also performs the SENCO role. 

We also have 26 Teaching assistants who provide support for learning in the classrooms and also for individual children where this is needed. There are three members of our administration team including a School Business Manager. We also employ a Parent Support Advisor and a Pastoral, Safeguarding and Behaviour Manager to provide additional support for our children and families. In addition we have a Site Manager and 14 Midday Assistants.

The school runs a Breakfast Club every morning.

If you require any further information or would like to make an appointment to visit us, please contact the school by telephone 01302 344659 or email: