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Lower Key Stage 2

What are we learning this term?

Year 3 

Autumn Term

Welcome to Year 3! We have lots of exciting topics coming up this year including Gods and Mortals, The Stone Age, Urban Pioneers and a whole topic based around chocolate.

this is what we will be learning this half term;


Our first topic is Gods and Mortals. We will be doing lots of fun things including making Greek pots, making crowns, holding an Olympics and learning all about Greek food. We will even be having an Ancient Greek WOW day!


We will be following the Mastery scheme of work which is enabling children to explore in depth their mathematical thinking. This half term we will mainly be focusing on place value.


This half term in EGPS we will be revisiting basic skills such as sentence structure, punctuation and the use of adjectives and adverbs in sentences. We will also try and include these within our writing based all around the Greeks.


PE will be on Fridays. If you can encourage children to bring their PE kit to school everyday, in case of any changes.


Homework will be given out on different days in Year 3 but our expectations are the same. Homework should be completed and handed in on the correct day the following week.

It is vitally important that your child continues to practise their times tables and spellings. Remember there is Timetables Rockstars for you to do this! 

Reading is vitally important and we expect your child to read at least three times a week.

If you have any queries or questions please feel free to come and see your child's class teacher.

Miss Marley and Ms Bates  

Year 4 English

Summer Term

Creative Curriculum 

This half term in Year 4 we will be learning about Britain and its invaders. First of all, throughout September, we will be focussing on the Roman Army and how it helped the Roman Empire to grow as it spread through Europe and North Africa. After that we will be moving on to look at another set of fierce invaders, in our topic Traders and Raiders which we will focus on during October and up to half term. The Traders and Raiders topic will look at the role of Vikings and their impact on Anglo Saxon Britain and the Saxons that settled and made a home here. This is a fabulous and exciting topic looking at the age of invasion, soldiers, armies and tribes. Children will have the opportunity to take part in hands on experiences with a visit to Jorvik Viking Centre in the city of York. In addition, I would encourage you to take time out to visit Doncaster Museum which offers a fantastic learning experience where children can enjoy finding out lots to help them with their upcoming homework projects. This topic has a history focus and children will be learning to ask insightful and challenging historical questions, looking at evidence and evaluating the impact of both these crucial stages in Britain's history. As well as learning about history this topic will enable them to look at key aspects of geography, maths and Roman numerals, design and technology and the design and making of weapons like catapults. We hope that the children will enjoy this topic and share as much of their learning as they can at home with you. 


Children in Year 4 at Park will continue to develop and improve the skills that they started to learn in Year 3. Much of this half term will be spent encouraging children to engage with and develop their use of vocabulary to become more sophisticated writers. This will include adjectives, identifying, and applying expanded noun phrases, looking at how to extend sentences through prepositional phrases and extending and developing sentences using varied conjunctions, adverbs and fronted adverbials. In addition children will be set weekly spelling homework taken from the Year 3/4 Spelling list (a copy of which can be accessed through the website).



In Maths during Autumn 1 we will be focussing on basic skills. Children will learn to use place value knowledge of 4 digit numbers to round up and down, compare and contrast numbers, look at different representations of 4 digit numbers and count in multiples of 1000, 100,10 and 1 more or less. In addition we will look at counting in 6s, 7s and 25s. Children will practice their arithmetic skills by doing lots of timetables practice. Please ensure that your child is logging onto their Timetables Rockstars account to practice at home weekly. By the end of Year 4 the children must know all their timetables.


P.E will take place on Friday morning. However, please ensure that your child has their PE kit with them in a bag that can be kept on their peg throughout the week.


Mrs Moore will set homework for her class on a Tuesday to be in for the following Monday. 

Children should read at least 3x per week and bring their reading record and book to school with them ever day.

Children will be set maths homework each week but should practice Timetables Rockstars weekly.